Whether you’re a new drummer who’s just learning the talent and refining their methods or an experienced percussionist who knows every single component of their drum set upside down and backwards, choosing the best equipment for your level of expertise, how often you play, and where you play is crucial. Deciding what will work best with your talents is the first step to improving your drumming experience.


Some people do not fully take practicality into consideration when they purchase their rig. If you are a person who practices at home and you need to be considerate of other people who live near or with you, something along the lines of a Roland Td-50 is perfect for an experienced drummer who needs to keep their playing volume down low. With an electronic drum set, regardless of experience, you will be able to practice at any time of day regardless of your surroundings because you can control the volume at which you play.

Roland Td-50

Use and Experience

Now if you’re new to drumming and are just starting to learn the ropes, there’s no need to go out and empty your bank account on a state-of-the-art setup. Just get a basic rig that will suit your current abilities and help you learn the basics. Once you eventually learn more and more techniques, that’s when you can start to add bits and pieces onto your rig or upgrade to more quality pieces and add them to your kit. This way, if you become disinterested for any reason, you didn’t waste a ton of cash.

Picking out your kit shapes how you evolve as a drummer; the equipment that you use reflects how you perform as a percussionist. Choosing the right rig is the first part of being a real drummer.