Avid hunters will go out in all weathers, sitting for hours in a deer stand or blind. Although they will put up with the cold, wouldn’t it be nice if they didn’t have to freeze in the process?

With this plight in mind, several companies have developed items which work as heaters, creating extra heat to keep people warm while hunting. Although many different items are available, the best of these include heated hunting boots, socks, gloves, and jackets.

1: Heated hunting boots or socks

These will keep your feet warmer than even the most insulated boots. Keeping your feet warm is important, because cold, damp feet can cause your overall body temperature to decrease. In turn, this can lead to a variety of illnesses that could potentially keep you inside for the rest of the hunting season.

heated hunting boots

2: Warming gloves

When hunting, warm hands are important. When hands get too cold, the fingers don’t bend properly. You can also lose feeling in your hands, which exacerbates the issue. Having full mobility in your hands is vital when hunting, so you can use your gun or bow to the best of your abilities. You’ll never have to miss a shot because of poor hand control.

3: Heated Jacket

If anything keeps you warm, it’s a heated jacket. This will heat up your entire core, which is vital in reducing the amount of external cold you feel. It also helps to cut down on the wind, which is something no number of layers can do. When you feel warm, you can withstand the elements for longer periods, which gives you extra hours to get that perfect shot with.

Each of these items is great when used alone. Using them together, however, will keep you the warmest possible while you patiently sit in the elements waiting for that perfect shot to appear.