If you take a walk down most high streets it is disappointing and yet at the same time familiar to see all the same shops all the time.

Walk down Oxford Street in London or 5th Avenue in New York, the sizes might be different, but the brands are the same. You exchange John Lewis for Bergdorf and change the accents but it is still the same stuff everywhere.

Jewelry is a reflection of personality

Of all the things we buy, jewelry is a reflection of personality. It says something of the buyer and it says something of the wearer, and when those two people are different, it says something about the bond between them.

Of all gifts, jewelry must have something different and quirky about it.

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Finding something different

In all this uniformity it is almost impossible to find something extraordinary, in the true sense of the word. To stand a chance of getting something offbeat you have to go small and you have to go off the beaten path. Fine gifts alexandria bay ny and artisans like that have taken the way of courage and stepped out into inspiration.

Finding inspiration

Insight is all around. You just have to be open to it. The landscape can create the vision for the jeweler, the materials have the ability to express the vision. Diamonds for example are great as expressing water, gold and silver can point to paths, a precious gem reflects a target achieved or a goal to be sought.

It is out there

There is no doubt that with a little time and effort it is possible to find something that is different, but if you can’t find anything, if you have a relationship with a jeweler you can ask for something unique.