Depending on how you look at it, Africa, the continent of Africa, is the second largest continent on the globe. At 11.7m sq. miles, 5,000 miles long and 4,600 miles wide at its very widest, the continent is home to 54 recognized countries and with somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 languages.

African Clothing

It won’t be a surprise to realize that african clothing store columbus ga, is as wide and diverse as the continent itself is. Madiba shirts in the south, which Nelson Mandela made so iconoclastic (but were originally Indonesian), the ubiquitous Djellaba, a unisex outer robe worn in the north – it is impossible to point to an item of clothing and say “that is African”.


African fabrics are traditionally handmade sometimes with techniques that are thousands of years old. Patterns and colors are also deeply significant and hold a traditional place within the culture. Patterns might suggest one tribe as distinct from another, then colors can reflect additional mood.


What follows is a big generalization but in broad strokes, colors carry some meaning:

Gold – Suggests wealth and fertility

Red – reflects tensions and of course is the color of blood.

Blue – the color of the sky represents peace, harmony, and love.

Green – Prosperity and life are represented by the color green. It is easy to imagine how it reflects grassy plains and luxuriant veldt.

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The brightness of the prints marks out clothing which is from the continent, no matter which region or tribe it comes from.

They can add color and personality to formal wear, and even make some sort of statement of belonging and yet other by doing so.

You can rock African clothes when you feel happy and want to express it, or when you feel down and want to cheer yourself up.